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We now broker the following manufacturers. Here are our manufacturers' newest products. These standards began on
July 1,2014.
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Den's Hot Dogs
When you need it quick but want it hot, Den's Hot Dogs offers 2 different toppings to make the perfect On-The-Go meal.

A member of the world's largest dairy products provider, Groupe Danone. Danone is the U.S. yogurt leader.

Little Debbie
The makers of dessert snacks such as Nutty Bars Cosmic Oatmeal Creme Pies.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee
Their coffee is selected from the top 5% of the world's coffee production with a focus on quality and variety.

Van Holten's
Pickle Ice - Dill (Counter Display Case)
Pickle Ice - Dill (Retail Bags)

Snak King - Vitner's
Buffalo Wing & Blue Cheese Ridgetts
Chicago Smokehouse Rib Ridgetts
Jalapeno Potato Chips
Original Potato Chips
Sizzlin' Hot Potato Chips
Sweet & Tangy Barbeque Chips
Sweet Sourthern Heat BBQ Chips

Deli Express - BOLD
Roast Beef & Horseradish
Smokehouse Turkey Breast
Spicy Chicken

Calorie Limits
≤ 200 Calories

Sodium Limits
≤ 230 mg*

Fat Limits
Total Fat: ≤ 35% of Calories
Saturated Fat: < 10% of Calories
Trans Fat: Zero Grams

Sugar Limits
≤ 35% of weight from total sugars
in food

*NOTE: Some products may be exempt from sugar or fat limits. Also, the sodium limits will decrease on July 1, 2016.

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Whether you’re looking for options to stock in your vending machines, healthy snacks for schools that meet the USDA requirements, or even just looking for coffee and creamers for your micro markets, we can help. With multiple manufacturers represented in several categories such as snacks and beverages, and relationships with major distributors like Vistar and Vendors Supply, we can help you get the products you need when you need them.

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