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We now broker the following brands. Here are our brands' newest products. These standards began on
July 1, 2016.
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Chuckanut Bay Foods
Real. Good. Cheesecake.

Each and every cheesecake is
handmade from scratch by real people with minimal processing to ensure a top-quality treat for the senses.

Rise Brewing
Nothing Artifical. Naturally Sweet.
Low Acidity.

Nitro cold brew coffee company specializing in nitrogen-infused organic coffee and sourcing Fair Trade organic beans from Peru's Chanchamayo Valley.

Double Play
Breakfast Taco

Kar's Nuts
Caramel Sweet 'n Salty Mix
Tropical Fruit 'n Nut Mix

Utz Brands, Inc.
*Golden Flake*
Louisiana Hot Sauce Pork Skins

*UTZ Pourables*
Mini Cheddar Cheese Balls
Mini White Cheddar Cheese Balls

Calorie Limits
≤ 200 Calories

Sodium Limits
≤ 200 mg

Fat Limits
Total Fat: ≤ 35% of Calories
Saturated Fat: < 10% of Calories
Trans Fat: Zero Grams

Sugar Limits
≤ 35% of weight from total sugars
in food.

Please be aware that products that
were exempt because they contained 10% or more DV criteria are no longer eligible.

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